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Our story

Puting (PT) is a leading manufacturer in China. We are main produce flower pots coats and laundry baskets. With a high degree of focus, we have been among the best in the industry since 2008 and now after more than 10 years of development. Our goal is to provide endless product design and production at affordable prices, as well as excellent production process to serve our customers.

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Company introduce

Year founded: 2012 year
Sales Range: $1,000,000
Employees: 15-20 people
Industrial:Gardening & Cleaning
Intellectual Property: 43 items

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Raw material choosing

Take responsibility to choosing materials,when we can't use renewable resources, we want to choose recycled or recyclable materials. On the basis of all these, we try our best to keep the price and quality affordable.

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Customize & Design

We provide free design, free samples. You just need to provide your ideas. We'll take the rest. All designs or colors can be customized.


Product Catalog

Flower Pot Coats & Laundry Basket

Flower Pot Coats

Nice INS style pot coats

Laundry Basket

Popular Laundry Basket

Eco-friendly basket

Jute eco-friendly laundry basket

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Aliababa shop ,In 2018, we launched online shopping on Alibaba platform Aliababa shop

INS style flower pot coats

Hot selling in Amazon styles for flower pot coats


Eco-friendly Laundry Basket

Popular and enviromental Laundry Hamper


Latest News

Won Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise in 2018. Export to 145 countries start from 2017.05